Meet The Inventor

"I was inspired to create a board game off my childhood experience in the arcades that I spent on the boardwalks of Atlantic City. I was that kid that loved spending countless amount of money on the "Crane Machine" trying to win a cool prize that I could've purchased across the street for 5 bucks! As an adult I still love the experiences of playing video games or winning tickets in the arcade and wanted to bring back those memories in a board game that friends and families could play and enjoy together as they relived some of their favorite arcade experiences too." 

Domonique Elliott is a Stockton University Alumni with 6+ years experience working with children and families as a Social Worker and Educator. She used her creative skills and background in Psychology and Education to create a product that would reshape the home and strengthen relationships between children & families. As she was addressing her clients individual needs, whether mental health, educational or legal she learned their was a great need in the home for families. She wanted to create a product that families could use to reshape the home environment with FUN! Her mission is to make a difference in a creative way by changing the way we interact as a family and creating moments that will last forever.

Why Board Games?

The best way to get people to engage and communicate with one another is through a shared positive activity. Some of my most memorable childhood experiences is when I played board games with my friends and family. Monopoly Junior was one of my all time favorites! After working with children and families through my experience as a Teacher and Social Worker, I've learned their is a great need in the home and I plan to fulfill that need through board games. I believe creating an environment of fun decreases stress and brings people closer together. My goal is to create games as a tool for families, professionals and educators to use to strengthen relationships and build stronger bonds between children, parents, siblings, and other peers. Playing games can be therapeutic for anyone because you stop focusing on the problems as you are enjoying an environment that becomes safe, fun and positive.

Benefits of the Game?

  1. Helps improve social skills

  2. Creates positive interactions

  3. Endless amount of FUN!

  4. Brings out the kid in every adult

  5. Takes 30 minutes to win!

  6. Educational and Therapeutic