What is Risky Arcade?

Risky Arcade is a board game that allows players to relive some of their favorite arcade moments such as winning tickets and collecting prizes. The artwork on the board features some classic arcade games to retro or modern video games. The game includes a deck of 50 cards with different scenarios to make the game more interactive. Doing so it makes the game based on luck and strategy depending on how good the player rolls the dice or uses the spinner.

What makes the game fun?

The randomness of the cards relating to an arcade experience is what excites players and keeps them engaged. The spinner adds more fun to the game as players have a higher chance of winning tickets or collecting a prize. Everyone likes to win at something and the excitement that players get from winning tickets throughout the game brings out the kid in everyone even adults. 

How do you win?

There are 4 gift shop spaces on the board where players can redeem their tickets. Players can only collect one prize at a time when they land on "Gift Shop" which is the challenge. This allows other players who may be losing or "un-lucky" in the beginning to catch up. The first player to collect one of each prize wins! The game is over when the last player doesn't have all 3 prizes. 

How does it work?

Players move their playing piece clockwise around the board. When a player rolls the dice and lands on a "arcade game" on the board that player will pick up a card and follow the instructions to determine if they will be winning or losing tickets. For example, "Roll the number 1 or 4 and receive 30 tickets. Roll both numbers and receive Double!" Or "There was a glitch in the game you lost 10 tickets" There are also positive reinforcement cards to help reshape children's behaviors such as "you couldn't control your gaming anger pay 20 tickets to talk to a therapist". Players also have a chance to battle other players for their tickets.