About The Game

 In Risky Arcade, players are collecting tickets from arcade games on the board and racing against other players to redeem their tickets at the gift shop. In this 2-4 player, dice-rolling risk taking game, players are awarded for their luck and good behaviors. Players travel clockwise around the board and draw a card when they land on an arcade game to either roll the dice or use the spinner to win tickets. Each card relates to an arcade experience giving players a chance to relive some of their most memorable moments in the arcade. 


How To Play


Don’t let running out of tokens at the arcade stop you from having fun! Now you can play some of your favorite arcade games such as Snack Man and Cube It to Fruit Slicer and Dance-O-Rama. Travel the board to see what games you will play or stop by the Snack Bar and Photo Booth for a selfie. Pick up a card to determine how many tickets you will Win or Use the spinner to test your luck! Be careful not to land on a game thats "Out Of Order" or you risk losing all your tickets. Once you have enough tickets race to the nearest gift shop space to redeem your tickets and collect a prize. The first player to collect all three prizes wins! 

Ages 6+
2-4 players
30 minutes to Win!

What's in the box?

  1. ​Game board

  2. Deck of 50 cards

  3. 144 Tickets

  4. Spinner

  5. 12 Prize Pieces 

  6. 4 Playing Pieces

  7. 2 Playing Dice



Want to see the game in action? Click on the video to watch players learn and play Risky Arcade during the annual Gameacon event hosted in Atlantic City, NJ.

Check out the reviews

"After having played the game with my own children, you are really on to something here! This game could be a real hit."

(Brian Turtle, National Sales Manager) 

Risky Arcade is a one of a kind game where you get to play a board game and arcade games at the same time. This fun themed board game has a simple game play that is easy for kids to understand. 

The game is fun to play with the kids. The rules are quick and easy and the kids enjoy playing.

(Chris Cardillo, Partner in Coleco/Colecovision)